“In July 1923, William F. Matteson developed a subdivision called Edgewater Beach, one of the best communities to be found anywhere near our Nation’s Capital. It is located on the beautiful shores of South River about five miles from the Chesapeake Bay, free of swamps, stagnant water and commercial activities, far enough from the excitement and busy life of the city, yet within a short distance of stores, movies and places of interest. Whether we travel to Florida, California, Gulf of Mexico or Canada, we are forced to say no place is like Edgewater Beach – truly a restricted, quiet colony of permanent summer homes on the South River.

Prior to 1931, Mr. Matteson, who was interested in the promotion and sale of lots, cared for the roads, beaches and piers, which were his property. He arranged for someone to collect garbage and trash, helped owners in many ways and arranged for community sports and holiday events.

Financial difficulties and bad health forced him to abandon Edgewater in 1931. Before he left, he suggested forming some type of organization to whom he would deed the roads, beaches and piers. On June 20, 1931, a membership Corporation was formed by local residents known as ‘The Edgewater Beach Corporation,’ for Gentile persons owning, leasing or otherwise lawfully residing in Edgewater Beach, Maryland, (Section 1). To this Corporation all roads, piers and beaches have been deeded. This property must be kept in condition. This Corporation must have members and funds to provide for that upkeep and other necessities.”

Edgewater Beach Corporation was officially incorporated on the 20th of June, 1931. We are in possession of the original deed and the original document submitted for incorporation.

Trash Collection

Both Trash and Recycleable items are picked up on Thursdays.

Recycleable Items are:

Aluminum, Cans, Metals, Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Plastics

If you need a recycle bin contact AACTY Public Works at: 410.222.6100


Department of Public Works 410-222-6100…large appliances, outdoor equipment, (no furniture), etc. Call to get information and make an appointment for curbside pickup


It is best to put your trash out the night before since the trucks usually come early. 

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Edgewater Beach Ladies Club

The Edgewater Beach Ladies Club (originally called the Edgewater Beachettes) was started well over 50 years ago. For many years this group of community women met monthly and held various fund raising projects. They also took lots of day trips to places like the Williamsburg Pottery Factory. Everyone enjoyed the pottery trips and it became so popular that large, luxury buses were reserved to take us on our trips.

Over the years, much has changed. More women are working full time and are busy raising families. We now meet four times a year in someone’s home ….September, October, December and May. We have one fund raiser a year which has enabled us to raise enough money to donate to several community projects that were in need of funds. We’ve also been able to donate to such worthy causes as Susan G. Komen, the Red Cross, Shanahan Children’s Clinic, Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department Building Fund, The Phoenix Center of Anne Arundel County, Hospice of the Chesapeake and many more.

The Annual Beach/Block Party which is held every year in early June at the beach shelter is hosted by our club. We decorate and provide all the paper products and “fixins” and our members make all the desserts. All members of the community bring a dish of their choice and the corporation provides beverages. It’s always a fun family event.

Our next Ladies Club meeting is scheduled to be held in May of 2019. We’re always open for new ideas and suggestions on how to better our group’s efforts and make our gatherings interesting and fun. Please join us in May and see what we’re all about. Hope to see you at our next meeting. 

 Linda Dove, President 410-798-1767

Shelter Reserevation

How to reserve the shelter

Dues paid in full

The person reserving the shelter must have dues paid in full. Follow the link below f you owe dues or want to become member


The cost for reserving the shelter is $25 payable at reservation. You can pay with check delivered at TBD or online with Paypal


A deposit of $100 is required to guarantee the satisfactory condition of the location upon completion of event. Payable with check TBD


Limit vehicles parked to a maximum of 10 cars. The reservation is for the shelter only. EBC members and guests may still use the beach, pier and and adjoining property.


  1. The person reserving the beach shelter must be hosting the function and be present during the entire event.
  2. The person reserving the beach shelter is responsible for the group’s behavior, for any property damage,
  3. The person reserving the beach shelter will clean up and do all trash removal at the end of the event
  4. You should bring your own trash and recycling cans/bags.
  5. You are responsible for emptying all trash and removing it from the beach area.
  6. If you use the fire place make sure the fire is extinguished before exiting the beach
  7. All functions must conclude at dark. Be mindful of noise as it carries over the river.
  8. Please keep the gate closed during and after your event.

We organize two types of events:
Sponsored by the Edgewater Beach Corporation and neighborhood gatherings.

The Edgewater Beach Corporation (EBC) sponsors three events a year

Corporation funded Annual Block Party

Held at the beginning of the summer. At this event the Corporation provides the main course, sodas, water, juice, condiments, paper products and decorations. The Edgewater Beach Ladies Club makes and provides all desserts. The community is asked to bring either a side dish or an appetizer. This is a family event and children are welcome. All EBC events are BYOB.

Edgewater Beach Corporation Annual Meeting

Held in the fall. The Annual Meeting is the time for corporation members to review and approve the proposed budget for the new fiscal year, each Board member gives a report on their particular area and elections are held if there is an office to be filled. All other community related subjects are open for discussion. The Corporation provides the main course – which, if we’re lucky – might be a crab feast with all the “fixins” and beverages. All EBC events are BYOB. The community is asked to bring either an appetizer, side dish or a dessert.

Annual Christmas/Holiday Party

Held in December and is always a popular event. Santa comes to spend some time with the children, the EBC provides the main course and a variety of beverages – hot cocoa is usually on the menu for this event. Guests are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. As always, the event is also BYOB.

The Special Events Committee is always looking for volunteers to assist in planning, decorating, setting up and cleaning up as these events are quite large. If you’re interested please contact Tara Hantske at (410) 271-3516.

Edgewater Beach Neighborhood Gatherings

Neighborhood gatherings are not funded by the Edgewater Beach Corporation but all residents are encouraged to come out and spend some “down time” with your neighbors.

We have “Happy Hours” that are held the first Friday of every month starting with May thru October. We usually gather around 6:00 p.m. at the beach shelter and everyone brings a beverage of their choice and an appetizer. This is a family event and children are welcome. You’re likely to find a few people playing a Corn Hole game, children swimming and playing games. 

We usually have music with and a little dancing and if the clouds cooperate …..there’s likely to be a beautiful sunset.    

If anyone wants to coordinate a neighborhood gathering (community yard sale, movie night etc), they should contact Tara Hantske at (410) 271-3516 to make sure the shelter is available.

Board of directors

The Edgewater Beach Corporation is regulated by

Eddie Arrossi




Ellen Shierry

Vice president




Kelly Hutton


Kirstin Whitaker

Special Events


Alyssa Mckenna


Greg Hutton

Dock Master

Tara Keen Hantske

Reserve Shelter

Ladies Club President

Eddie Arrossi

Web Master

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